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Black Cat
Fresh & Cool

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MACHINE NO:1- The trap suitable to Agricultural and domestic purpose  
This invention is related to trap the mouse/rats in the agricultural and domestic areas.Because rats are proved that they are harmfull to mankind by producing many deseases and ruiningour granaries.They are the inevitable pests in the agricultural fields especially in the case of grains.The rats are not only the carriers of many communicable deseases but also a harmful pest to human. But todays market does not provide more convenient and effective methods to check the population of mouse / rats. There we introduce a new machine called 'THE BLACK CAT' - rat trap and kill the mouse / rats of any size at any time at any rate.

Unlike the other trap this is not made in the form of a cage.So the food stuff on the trap appears just lying on the ground and the mouse/rat does not hesitate to take the food stuff.If the mouse/rat is trapped in the other cage form traps the panic stricken mouse/rat moves randomly and collide with the cage and there is a chance to urinate.This violent actions will secretes pheromones and produce a nasty smell which remains even after washing the cage.By detecting this smell the other mouse/rat hesitates to enter into the cage.But in this trap it kills the mouse/rat by one heavy thud by the hammer.The hammer falls heavily and presses the mouse rat at the same spot on the trap until the mouse/rat is removed.So the urine falls outside the trap.If any smell is produced it can be washed thoroughly,because the body of the trap is made of plastic.Smell does not stick for long on the plastic.This trap is designed to appear more attractive than other traps.This trap consists of ten parts.So if there is any depreciation to any parts it can be replaced by new one and can use for long time.
The body of trap and the parts does not rust.We can use it even in the rain or sunshine at any where,because its body is made of good quality plastic and the parts are G.I.plated.In the caged form of traps the mouse/ rat are needed to be killed and in the scissor form trap the mouse / rats are brutally killed by the sharp edges.If the rat is poinsoned there is a chance that the rat may be killed at anywhere and rot to produce a foul smell.Hence this new ' BLACK CAT '-rat trap is designed to solve all these problems and gives more result.It can be used more easily and kills the rats more easily and more effectively.
  • Place a small piece of food edible for rats.A coconut piece is an ideal one.Food piece should not touch the trap body.The food piece may be of 5 paise size.
  • Check if the hammer lock is inclined to the front side us in figure.The hammer cannot be placed in hook.So press the trigger by your finger.
  • Now to open the trap lift hammer and place it in the hook in a vertical position.
  • Place the trap close to a wall.The food piece should be seen easily.
  • If you wish to place the trap in closed position just press the trigger.
  • Take care not to touch the piece or food hook when it is opened.
  • Use wet clothes or wash with water.after each catch.
  • Use one or two drops of oil to smothen the trap.
MACHINE NO: 2 - The trap suitable to Godowns / Granaries

It is fully automatically working machine,its features are following.

This machine consist of 3 parts

1. The trap. 2. The robot 3. The bucket.

One side of robot is connected with a trap which is ideal to trap rats of any size,the otherside is connected with a bucket into which dead rats can be dumped.First select an ideal food stuff which is easily eaten by rats. Fix a piece of this food stuff on the food hook of the trap.Then lift the hammer upward and press with the hammer lock.Now the hammer is locked in the hammer lock.Switch on the power of the trap and the trap is now ready to trap.When the rats touch the food stuff-this movement unlocks the hammer and falls heavily on the neck region of the rat.The food hook is fixed at the centre of the hammer which is in the form of a ring.So that the hammer falls right on the neck of the rats.If the hammer falls on the head or any other parts of the rat,there may be injuries to produce blood from the mouth.But in this trap the hammer ring is made in the same diameter of the neck region of the rats and this hammer ring has no sharp or injuring parts.So this hammer kills the rat very easily by breaking the vertebra and spinal chord without making any injuries to make any bloody scene.So there will be no blood clot on this trap.As soon as the hammer falls on the rat the switch of the robot automatically becomes "ON" and the robot lifts the trap by the two hands and moves towards the bucket.When this trap is just above the bucket the hammer opens and the dead rat falls into bucket.At the same time the hammer locks again in the hammer lock automatically.

After dumping the dead rat into the bucket the robot places the trap at same position as before.After trapping the rat it takes only 40 seconds for the trap to dump the dead rat and to get back to same place.The switch of the robot automatically becomes 'OFF' when the trap is placed at the same position.Now the trap is again to trap other rats.When the rat touches the food hook the hammer falls on the rat and the switch of the robot becomes 'ON' and the above process repeats again.As the rats could not eat the food stuff on the food hook,the food stuff remains there and can use again to attract the rats.The machine begins to run only when the rat touches the food hook.So it takes only 40 seconds to kill the rat and to dump it.If we add further 20 seconds for the machine to rest,it takes only 60 seconds that is ONE minute.So we can trap 60 rats in one hour by this new machine.

It takes only one unit of current to work for 300 times.Because the machine becomes 'ON' only when the rat touches the food hook and become ' OFF ' when the trap is put at the same place.This trap prevents the rat to rot amidst the grains,where as the other traps or rat poisons may kill the rats,so brutally or make chance to rot in the grains.So this new machine is ideal to any godown or granaries and it works more effectively by consuming minimum electricity.

uld like to introduce a machine named ' BLACK CAT ' -rat trap which can trap mouse as well as very big one at 60 rats per an hour.This machine works 24 hours.It kills the trapped animals,and put into a bucket which is attached to this machine,at the same time it will be ready to catch another one.This machine has no sharp or injuring parts so this machine traps and kills the rats without making blood injuries.

This machine can be attached to big godowns and fields to check the increasing birth rate of the harmful rat and mouse.Machine works automatically with the help of electricity.It consume only one unit of electricity to catch about 300 rats.This machine consists mainly three parts and they are 1. Robot 2.Trap 3. Bucket and its trap is modified and named as second trap for the house purpose.

Fresh & Cool
Nowadays atmospheric temperature is rising high.In summer it becomes unbearable.Motor vehicles drivers are most effected by this condition heat from the engine and the temperature together make a drastic condition for drivers.They are not getting any cool air and become easily tires.If they are going as a long journey it will be geadly.They become restless and may cause accidents too.Therefore to give a relief to the drivers in this condition is really is important.
Conventional methods to provide cool and Fresh airs are A/C,coolers,fan etc. But to use A/C and coolers in motor vehicles is not affordable to ordinary drivers.Fan can be used but the air provided by the fan is not enough and layer. Fans can not be used so these methods are either costly or not enough to give a comfortable ride to drivers and passengers.
Using srew driver and spanner this device can easily fix on the vehicle at the desired position. Fix the stand on the vehicle by using ‘ U ’ clamp. Then insert the rider into the stand and fix by the screw driver. While the vehicle is running the rider traps the air and diverts and spreads evenly on the drivers. This will make a fresh and cool atmosphere for drivers. In conclusion hear in presented a device to provide fresh and cool air, the invention is illustrated in thr growing figures and through out the written description.

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