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Nowadays atmospheric temperature is rising high.In summer it becomes unbearable. Motor vehicles drivers are most effected by this condition heat from the engine and the temperature together make a drastic condition for drivers. They are not getting any cool air and become easily tires. If they are going as a long journey it will be geadly. They become restless and may cause accidents too. Therefore to give a relief to the drivers in this condition is really is important.

Conventional methods to provide cool and Fresh airs are A/C, coolers, fan etc. But to use A/C and coolers in motor vehicles is not affordable to ordinary drivers. Fan can be used but the air provided by the fan is not enough and layer. Fans can not be used so these methods are either costly or not enough to give a comfortable ride to drivers and passengers.

Using srew driver and spanner this device can easily fix on the vehicle at the desired position. Fix the stand on the vehicle by using ‘ U ’ clamp. Then insert the rider into the stand and fix by the screw driver. While the vehicle is running the rider traps the air and diverts and spreads evenly on the drivers. This will make a fresh and cool atmosphere for drivers. In conclusion hear in presented a device to provide fresh and cool air, the invention is illustrated in thr growing figures and through out the written description.